Stepping away from blogging

frustratedwriterIt has been quite some time since I sat down for the last time and wrote something to actually publish for you all to read. This had absolutely nothing to with a lack of inspiration or a lack of subjects to write about. It was actually more a lack of motivation to really write that caused this extended stop. I just lost my pleasure, myself even. My blog, which was meant to be personal, no longer felt personal. Rather a burden. Somehow it was like I had another job, just one that didn’t make me money. As that was not what I was looking for, I had to take big measurements to return the core. Continue reading

My dark passenger

062-the-dark-passenger-tamifyI am someone who has brought quite a lot of structure to his life. Though I am flexible enough to adjust plans and tasks along the way, I like certain routines. The same goes for my blogging. Whenever I get an idea to write about something, I start writing, save the draft and finish the drafts in the same order as my ideas came to me. Yet, at that last thing I often fail every so often, because life just happens. Like today, I was looking to finish my blogpost on the movie Django, but at this point I feel like I have to write about something completely different. My dark passenger. Continue reading


886443829626.600x600-75Over the past few years I have listened quite some music made by Train, I visited two of their three latest concerts in Holland and I have tickets for another one. Therefore it would pretty fair to say they are one of my favorite all time bands. So when I heard they covered John Lennon’s song Imagine to help the people from Sea Bright New Jersey to rebuild their town. The money raised by every time they sell the song on iTunes goes the non-profit organization Sea Bright Rising, that helps people to rebuild their village. Help that is still very much needed in a country like the United States. Continue reading

A hollywood story Super Bowl

Super-Bowl-XLVIILast weekend’s Super Bowl XLVII was nothing less, but a story written by the most incredible pens of Hollywood. On one side the from football retiring defensive linebacker Ray Lewis was playing his last ever game. Saying goodbye by winning his second Super Bowl would have been a glorious end to his career. On the other side of the field were the San Francisco 49ers. A struggling franchise picked up by Jim Harbaugh roughly two years ago and being completely turned around two years later. Winning the Super Bowl would have been the crown to their work. A true Hollywood story. Continue reading

The Script nailed the Ziggo Dome

ThescripthreealbumYesterday I already announced that I felt like sharing some thoughts and experiences on the concert of The Script that I attended about two weeks ago. Well, since I have finally been able to upload the video’s to my Youtube account, today seemed like the perfect day to do so. I went to the concert with a friend, my brother and a mutual friend. Personally, I was quite excited to go finally see them live. This was empowered by the fact that I missed out on tickets for their previous show in Holland. After seeing their live DVD homecoming I went into the concert with high expectations. Continue reading

The flu kills bloggers

fluSo there has been quite a long silence when it comes to my blogging. It has been almost two weeks since I last posted a blog post and it’s not like I haven’t got something to say my lovely folks. The opposite might be true, cause I’ve been doing, seeing and hearing some nice things lately. There were just a few things that caught up on me, which gave me a hard time writing or feeling creative at all. So before I continue to share all the wonderful (and less wonderful) things with you all, I just wish to share some thoughts on why I have been unable to write in the first place. Continue reading

Gangster Squad

gangster-squad-delayed-following-aurora-shootingWhat do you do when you plan on releasing a movie containing a shooting incident in a movie theater? Normally, you would just release it, but when such an accident happened recently, it become more delicate. In that case you might actually want to postpone the movie and change the one scene. That is exactly what Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer did. Therefore the movie wasn’t released until a few weeks ago, causing us to watch the trailers a little longer and wait for the release. With this knowledge, I pretty much felt obligated to see what the movie turned out to be. Continue reading

When two living legends collide

Tom-Brady-VS-Ray-Lewis-HW-Showdown-PosterSince the Dallas Cowboys didn’t make it to playing in the post season, the NFL fan inside of me has been forced to look at other teams. Well, I have to admit, it has been a treat so far. With two teams in particular. The Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots. I saw the Baltimore Ravens push over the Indianapolis Colts and later beat the Denver Broncos. The New England Patriots got the upper hand on the Houston Texans, in a relatively easy game. This led us to the AFC championship game between the two of them. A clash between Ray Lewis and Tom Brady, but who to cheer for? Continue reading