Fight like hell

From the first moment Lance Armstrong gave publicity to his Livestrong foundation, I have been a supporter. Like every charity, they try to raise money in order to help sick people, find a cure of a certain disease or raise awareness. Still, Livestrong makes a huge interaction with those who support them as well as with those who suffer from Cancer. To help people overcome this disease is the number one reason they raise money. Recently, Livestrong started to turn its attention to other life threatening diseases as well. Something that is very much needed give the harsh statistics.

As I write this blog, Livestrong also turned its attention to heart and lung diseases and diabetes. Combined with cancer, they are the cause of 60 percent of all people who die. This means that nearly 36 million people die from this each year. Quite a disturbing and scary statistic, isn’t it? I do believe so and therefore I would like you all to pay a little attention to this. Just give their blog a read, check out their programs or get something from their store. You could also participate or support their program in order to help people to become a healthier version of themselves. Really, once you see how much good they do for the world, it’s hard to become a supporter. A donator. I know it sounds corny and everyone says this exact same thing about other charities. Still, I know it is true. In order to help you experience this same feeling, I challenge you. Just check out all there is to see about them and define your own opinion. I am pretty sure that it will help you believe and participate in what they stand for. If you believe in them, help them and those who need it, to fight like hell!

5 comments on “Fight like hell

  1. Not to sound silly, but I had no idea what that bracket was for but I always wondered. Will do soon as I wake myself up somehow. Been a rough couple of days while you were gone. Someone sent us a Tweet with a video about what my daughter has. Haven’t been able to watch it yet. Reminding you to watch too my friend.

    • Will watch that video soon. Thank you for the reminder. Been away from the computer the last few days, so haven’t had the time to check it out. Happy to read I was able to teach you something on Livestrong. Makes it all worth the effort.

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